Dark Moon in Aries 2017


The Dark Moon in Aries connects us to our sense of self-confidence. It’s about following our passions with youthful exuberance, unconcerned about how foolish we may seem, and unconcerned about the opinions of others.

Like the Fool in the Tarot, we are willing to go where no one else will dare. It is not that the Fool has her head in the clouds, but that she is leading with her heart.  It may seem that she is oblivious to her surroundings, but, in truth, it is that she is walking in perfect trust, confident that each step will take her to the place where she is meant to be.  She trusts her heart completely and will follow her passion wherever it takes her.

The world works based on how we feel about ourselves. When we walk with confidence, putting all our trust in ourselves, the world meets us and wondrous adventures appear. But all too often, we are more concerned about how others may see us, embarrassment holds us back. Or we may be too afraid to take a risk, over-thinking all that could go wrong.

The Dark Moon in Aries calls on us to get out of our heads, to let go of the doubts and preconceived expectations of how things “should” be. When we step with confidence, new and unexpected pathways present themselves.

What are you truly passionate about? What makes your heart sing? Whatever that thing is, just do it, drop the judgments, drop the expectations. Follow your passion, for this is the path you are meant to be on.


Dark Moon Blessings,


The Muse

Blessed Ostara


Ostara is a time of celebration, it marks the onset of Spring and the promise of warmer days to come. Birds have returned from their long migration, harbingers of the season, building nests and laying eggs. The eggs are a promise of hope and we emulate the birds by weaving baskets and dyeing eggs.

The egg symbolizes renewal, the golden yolk representing the Sun God, embraced and protected by the white shell that is the Goddess. She nourishes the God, until his rebirth at Beltane. What better way to honour the Goddesses of Spring.


Ostara Egg ritual


Cleanse and prepare the ritual space (ie. kitchen).

Gather your supplies: pot for boiling water, eggs, tongs, sharpies, templates or leaves, pieces of nylon stocking (to hold these in place), vinegar if using natural dyes (Visit the link provided for instructions on how to create natural dyes.  http://www.earthwitchery.com/egg-dyes.html).

Think about the attributes you’d like to bring into your life. Perhaps you wish to be more creative? improved health? need an energy boost? Using a sharpie, write these qualities onto your eggs, embellish with sigils, runes, or images to imbue the eggs with the desired properties. Hold each egg in your hands and visualize the desired traits entering it.

Empower your eggs by dyeing them in colours associated with your aspirations. Yellow to symbolize the God, Violet to symbolize the Goddess, Red for passion, Green for prosperity, Orange for self-expression, Brown for stability or grounding, Rust for strength, Blue for protection, Pink for self-love etc…

Once you have completed the dyeing process, refrigerate the eggs until you are ready to eat them. As you eat, know that you are taking into your being the attributes you have infused into each egg.


Ostara Blessings


The Muse




Imbolc 2017



The Wheel turns toward another Season. At this time of year, we sense the stirrings of our own life force as well as the life stirring in the still frozen ground. After months of retreat time and going within, hibernating and cocooning through the frosty months, we begin to feel alive once more. As the snows melt and the Earth warms up, we find ourselves spending more time outdoors. We feel a strong connection to the Goddess at this time, seeing the life burgeoning around us.

The days are getting noticeably longer.The sun rises higher in the sky, bringing warmth, and we are once again able to bask though the cooler temperatures remain. The sun is setting later in the evening, which allows more time to be outside in nature. We feel a quickening within, a need to move, to learn, to grow. As Mother Earth prepares Her Body for the Spring thaw and renewed life, so may we feel pregnant with expectation as to what the next season will bring. We have completed our retreat time, birthing the self into a new and wonderful creation, a Goddess, a Vision.

The Goddess Brighid is said to walk the earth on Imbolc eve. Welcome Her by placing candles in windows or light a ritual bonfire. Once the embers have cooled, rake the ashes smooth. In the morning, look through the ashes for a sign of Brighid’s passing.

As a Goddess of Hearth and Home, Brighid can help motivate you to get a head start on your Spring Cleaning. Throw open the windows to let the fresh air in. Clear out the clutter, cleanse and purify every corner.

Herald the coming Spring by creating and burning paper snowflakes in a ritual fire. As you cut out the snowflakes, think about what you’d like to cut out of your life. Write down on the snowflakes traits, habits or thoughts that seem to be holding you back. As the snowflakes burn, know that you are clearing unnecessary baggage from your life. Bury the cool ashes in the earth or scatter them to the winds.

Alternatively, take a handful of snow or ice and place it in a dish. Visualize the intent to banish negativity from your life and send it into the ice. As the ice melts, feel the negativity drain away from you. Dispose of the meltwater outdoors.


Imbolc Blessings


The Muse



Dark Moon in Aquarius 2017



The Dark Moon in Aquarius connects us to our intellectual and social development. When we work with the compassionate mind, we can dedicate our altruism to further the causes we are passionate about. This may be especially vital in the current political climate, where fundamental human rights are being stripped from us with the stroke of a pen. But we must not give up or give in. Fearless action will bring about the changes we seek.


This Dark Moon coincides with the Lunar New Year. As we enter the year of the Fire Rooster, we can expect conflict, controversy and challenge. Forewarned is forearmed. Those in positions of authority may strut their power like the cock of the walk, but remember that we, the people, have access to our own power. Our power does not come from domination, threat or intimidation. Our power comes from the heart, inclusive, compassionate and loving. We validate our emotions, we own our anger, without blaming and shaming others.


Be prepared to take on any challenge that comes along. Adopt a cause that is close to your heart and do everything you can to further that cause, for the betterment of the entire planet. Engage in subversive acts, grassroots activism, peaceful protests, share stories, seek out the truth and call out the lies. Our anger will not be silenced and we will wake up the neighbours with our call to action.


Dark Moon Blessings


The Muse



Yule 2016



We are living in dark times. It is not just that this is the darkest part of the year, but the world around us appears to be a reflection of bleak hopelessness and despair. Misogyny, bigotry, and hatred for “other” have become normalized and legitimized. Our water protectors are being dehumanized, attacked, arrested. Wars are being waged based on corporate greed and corruption. Children are dying.

There is so much to be outraged about, and yet, if we choose to remain in a state of perpetual anger and fear, reacting rather than responding, blaming rather than offering compassion, we will lose a precious part of ourselves. Yes, we must stand against tyranny, we must speak out against injustices, but we must ever be mindful of the fact that love will always trump hate. We cannot remain silent, but we can speak and act from a place of love and compassion.

We are living in dark times, but the Winter Solstice offers a promise, a promise of light’s return, a promise of hope. The Winter Solstice is a reminder that the dark times are ending, new life is emerging. We can make of this new life what we choose.


Ritual to Release Anger and Negativity


Close your eyes and breathe deeply, each breath taking you deeper and deeper within yourself.

Visualize yourself walking along a forest path. The frost and snow twinkle, a reflection of the dark sky above. It may be night time but the Moon and stars shine so brightly, the path is easy to follow.

In the distance, you hear the call of wild geese as they herald the presence of the Ancient Crone known as the Cailleach, Goddess of Winter.

You come to an outcropping of stone, and see, sitting upon it, an old woman. She is the Cailleach, blue-skinned and wearing a robe of purest white. She invites you to join her and asks you what it is that you are needing to release in your life right now. These may be long-held beliefs, recurring patterns, old habits, unhealthy emotional attachments…

Take as much time as you need to list all the things you feel are taking up valuable space within you, the things you would like to release. When you feel ready to leave, thank the Cailleach and slowly come back into your body. Write down all the things that you are wanting to let go of.

Place your paper in a cauldron or firepit and set the paper alight. As the paper burns, feel yourself growing lighter, feel the void left behind from this release. You have now created sacred space within, to be filled with love, light, compassion, or anything else which ignites your passion.

With this newly-born lightness of being, go into the world and share your love, your light, your compassion with those who may need it the most.


Solstice Blessings


The Muse

Dark Moon in Sag 2016



The Dark Moon in Sagittarius connects us to our inner traveller. Who needs to journey far and wide when there is something quite spectacular and mystical within us, the visionary mind. Our mind is like the TARDIS, it’s bigger on the inside.

There are no limitations with the visionary mind, nothing is too outlandish and everything is possible. The visionary mind can take us to hidden realms far beyond mundane reality. Not only is there uncharted territory for you to explore, there is territory that hasn’t even been created yet. You are both the designer of your inner world and the map maker. You create the landscape, you design the pathways, and you determine where the danger zones are (although in my opinion, some of those places we want to avoid can provide the juiciest experiences). You are in complete control over your hidden realms and that is incredibly empowering.

Take a mental trip inward and explore the vast unknown of your own consciousness.


Creating a Personal Guided Journey Within


Most inner journeys have a set pattern to them.

The Journey Begins: visualize a staircase leading up or down, a path or road. It is designed to slowly bring your focus within, each step taking you deeper and deeper into a meditative state. The rational mind sets out in complete control, but with each step, you move further away from it.

The Gateway:  this can be an actual gate, a door, a mirror, a body of water etc…it is a threshold, a demarcation between the mundane reality of the imagination and the visionary reality of the subconscious.

The Inner Realms: this is where the visionary mind takes over. It may be filled with symbolism, non-rational or unexpected events. The visionary mind is similar to the world of dreams, but you are always, always in control.

The Encounter: this could be with deity, angels, guides, your self… It is an opportunity for dialogue, to ask questions, seek guidance, problem-solve…

The Integration : the path back out allows you to integrate the information you’ve received and to slowly bring you back into your body.


Keep a journal nearby to take notes of symbols, questions. Don’t try to understand or process the experience immediately, insights may rise up in coming days.

Ground yourself fully by drinking water or eating.


Dark Moon Blessings,


The Muse

Dark Moon in Scorpio



The Dark Moon in Scorpio connects us to our mortality. The last of the fruit and vegetables have ripened and are now stored away, the seeds set aside for Spring planting. The bright colours of Autumn leaves signal their death knell, and soon they are borne away on the cold and bitter winds. Left behind are the naked branches, skeletal limbs reaching up to the skies. It is a time of death and decay, and it is no surprise that our thoughts may gravitate toward sorrow and loss, for this is the beginning of the dark half of the year.  It is not surprising that many cultures pay their respects to the ancestors and departed family members at this time of year.

The Dark Moon in Scorpio coincides with Lunar Samhain. Although primarily a festival of darkness and death, it also marks a new beginning. This is the Witch’s New Year and though we may look on the past with regret and sorrow, we know that the Wheel continues to turn, and fresh opportunities for growth and transformation are imminent.

Ritual feasts to honour the dead often occur in the form of a Dumb Supper. A place at the table is reserved for the departed and the meal is eaten in silence. The quiet environment provides an opportunity for sombre reflection, cherishing memories or even to converse with the dead about unresolved issues.



Dumb Supper Ritual

Leave a lit candle in your window or place a lit jack-o-lantern on your doorstep to serve as a beacon, welcoming the spirits of loved ones home. Set a clear intention about who you will allow to enter your space. Protect your home from unwanted “guests” by visualizing it surrounded by white light.

Set an empty place at your table and eat your meal in silence, reflecting on those who have passed on. If you have any unresolved conflicts, this is an opportunity to “talk” them out. Remember that you are not doing this for the deceased, you are doing it to bring peace to your own heart.

When you have finished the meal, give thanks to the spirits and bury the remains of their meal outdoors, preferably at a crossroads. Take comfort in the knowledge that Hekate, the guardian of the crossroads will guide them safely across the veil.


Dark Moon and Samhain Blessings


The Muse

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