Dark Moon in Aries 2018


The Dark Moon in Aries connects us to our own sense of Divinity. When we embody Goddess within, we walk boldly through life, with confidence and clarity. The fiery passion burning within us lights the path, and we are more than willing to take a risk and follow our heart.

To be headstrong and heartstrong may seem like arrogance to others. We demand respect, but we must be ever mindful that those around us are also Divine and worthy of our respect in turn.

Becoming clear on who we are, acknowledging both our strengths and our faults, brings us closer to that sense of divinity. By embracing light and dark, we feel whole unto ourselves, and we proudly state “I am Goddess!”


The Dark Moon is a time for inner reflections, personal journeys and shadow work. What better time to take stock, to face our deepest fears, to meet and embrace our Shadow side. Communing with our dark self may lead to valuable personal insights. As we shine light on our darkness, we come to a place of healing. The Shadow self is the part of us that reacts from a place of unconscious fear. Once those fears are brought into the light, we can begin the process of healing.


Ritual to Meet Your Dark Goddess


Cast your circle.

Breathe deeply and let go of the day.

Close your eyes, visualize yourself floating above the earth, the night air is cool and refreshing.

As you look down, you notice a field, spring flowers poking up through the snow. You gently land and begin walking toward a dark frost-limned forest. At the forest’s edge lies a small creek. You drink the cold water, feeling it cleanse and purify you. You continue following the path into the dark forest.

Though you can only see a few feet ahead of you, you feel safe and comfortable. You notice the trees around you seem to be old, twisted and gnarled, the chill wind blowing through their naked branches. The branches block the starlight so that you can barely make out the path, but you have no fear, trusting that your footsteps know the way.

Ahead you see an old cottage, light and warmth emanating from the windows. You sense that someone is within, awaiting your arrival.

You knock on the door and it immediately opens. As you enter, you note that the cottage appears to be empty. You close the door and walk toward the hearth, feeling warmth replace the chill in your body.

As you look around, you notice someone sitting in a dark corner. She  invites you to sit, you introduce yourself and ask Her if she has any information to share about Shadow Work.

Ask for Her name. Notice what She is wearing, what She looks like, any items She is holding. What information does She wish to share with you. Ask Her what aspect of your shadow self She is here to represent.

Spend as much time as you need with the Dark Goddess, then, when the conversation is over, give thanks. Ask Her for a symbol that you can work with, or that you can use in order to reconnect with Her again.

Leave the cottage, closing the door behind you, and return to the path.

As you walk, notice if there are any changes to the landscape, perhaps the path is much clearer now, or the forest may not seem quite so dark.

Return to the forest’s edge, cross the stream, and slowly come back to your body.

Write down or draw the symbol given to you. Pay attention in the coming days. This symbol may come to you in dreams or in waking life. When you notice it, know and trust that the Dark Goddess is near, supporting you and guiding you.


Dark Moon Blessings


The Muse



Ostara 2018


Ostara marks a time of equilibrium, when night and day are at equal length. Not only is it a balance of light and dark, but of masculine and feminine, inner and outer, life and death, above and below. Ostara offers an opportunity for us to bring balance into our own lives.

As the dark half of the year gives way to the light, we can reflect on what is out of balance in our lives. Is there too much of something or not enough? Perhaps we need to let go of old beliefs or patterns that no longer serve us, or maybe there is something we would like to invite into our life. Look honestly at your life, and, if you are unhappy with what you see, now is the perfect opportunity to do something about it. What would you like to nurture and grow, what would you like to release or transform?

Ostara Balance Tarot Spread



Use this spread to clear out that which no longer serves you in order to invite in something new during this season of beginnings.

1 – What is it you wish to let go of?

2 – What can you realistically do about it?

3 – What outside influences are helping or hindering you?

4 – How can your Guides assist you?

5 – What do you want to bring into your life?

6 – How can your Guides assist you?

7 – What outside influences are helping or hindering you?

8 – What can you do to achieve the desired results?

9 – How can you bring your life back into balance?



Ostara Blessings


The Muse


Ostara egg image courtesy color-your-own.com

Dark Moon in Pisces 2018


The Dark Moon in Pisces connects us with our sense of wholeness. We tend to focus on the duality of who we are. We get caught up on being this and not that, as if one part of ourselves can somehow cancel out another part of us. In order to feel a sense of balance, we need to step back and see ourselves as whole unto ourselves.

Light and dark are intertwined, both are necessary aspects of who we are and how we move in the world.  At times, light overcomes dark, and at other times the darkness takes over. This never-ending dance of light and dark comes into balance during the Dark Moon in Pisces.  

When doing Shadow work, it can be easy to become too focused on the dark and forget that we are also beings of light. Alternately, we may  use the light as a way to avoid facing our darkness. Either way, we block the flow of energy when we hold onto one or the other. This brings us out of balance. Blocks in our Chakras may indicate an area of Shadow work that needs attending to. Paying attention to our Chakras and clearing them regularly can help us stay balanced.

The Dark Moon is a time for inner reflections, personal journeys and shadow work. What better time to take stock, to face our deepest fears, to meet and embrace our Shadow side. Communing with our dark self may lead to valuable personal insights. As we shine light on our darkness, we come to a place of healing. The Shadow self is the part of us that reacts from a place of unconscious fear. Once those fears are brought into the light, we can begin the process of healing.


Finding your Balance


Sit in a comfortable position and take several deep cleansing breaths.

Draw white light up from the Earth, through your Root Chakra, and out through the top of your head. At the same time, draw white light from the Universe through your Crown Chakra and back down into the Earth.

Once you feel the flows of energy blended together, bring your focus to your Root Chakra. Notice how the energy feels, is it frenetic or overwhelming, or perhaps slow and muddied. Does it feel blocked or does it flow smoothly. Notice if any tension or discomfort occurs. What words, images or emotions come up as you focus on this Chakra. Breathe light into the area until you feel grounded and connected.

Travel up the Chakras, spending some time focused on each one as you go. Once you have completed the exercise with the Crown Chakra, it is time for the return journey. Notice any further details that may arise as you check in with each Chakra on the way down.

Ground the energy back into the Earth and give thanks.


Make a note of any issues that may have arisen at each chakra. These will lay the groundwork for upcoming Shadow work.


Dark Moon Blessings,


The Muse

Dark Moon in Aquarius 2018



The Dark Moon in Aquarius connects us to the unseen helpers who guide us on our path. This is a time to explore that which is normally hidden from our consciousness, whether intentionally or not. When delving into Shadow, it helps to have someone by our side, and our guides are here, waiting for us to call on them.

At this time of year, life is burgeoning, unseen, beneath a blanket of snow. We trust that growth is occurring, even though it remains hidden from view.  So too is growth happening within each of us, and we can know and trust that emergence is immanent.

As this trust grows, we also become aware of the unseen forces, the guides, Goddesses, or spirits whose sole purpose is to assist us on our journey. Their presence may be subtle, initially,  but as connection grows and strengthens, so too does their commitment to us.


The Dark Moon is a time for inner reflections, personal journeys and shadow work. What better time to take stock, to face our deepest fears, to meet and embrace our Shadow side. Communing with our dark self may lead to valuable personal insights. As we shine light on our darkness, we come to a place of healing. The Shadow self is the part of us that reacts from a place of unconscious fear. Once those fears are brought into the light, we can begin the process of healing.


Meeting the Hidden Helpers


Cast your Circle.

Take several deep, slow breaths and let go of the events of the day.

When you feel grounded and centered, close your eyes.

Visualize yourself walking through a field covered with snow. As you walk, you hear a faint gurgling sound.

Your follow the sound until you come across a small brook, the ice melt feeding the trickling flow of water.

As you bend down, you notice sprigs of green emerging from the soil. Despite the cold bleak landscape around you, in this tiny oasis, life is once again teeming.

You cup your hands and take a drink of the cold, refreshing water. Looking up, you see that someone has arrived,  your guide on this journey into Shadow.

You feel warmth and love emanating from this person. They smile and you feel completely safe and reassured.

As you walk, side by side, your guide shares her wisdom with you. You can ask any questions that come to mind, for she is here to assist you on your journey.

As you continue walking together, you notice that the brook is growing wider, the flow stronger. The ice and snow is melting, clearing from your path. You see more and more plant life growing from the rich dark earth, and, eventually,  you can see colourful spring flowers emerging.

Soon you are walking through a field of wildflowers. It is time to say goodbye to your guide,  at least for a short while. She will always be here, awaiting you in this field of blossoms, whenever you are in need of guidance.

You ask her for some parting words or a symbol, and offer her a gift in return.

Ahead, you see a gate and walk toward it. Once through the gate, you come back into your body.


Dark Moon Blessings,


The Muse

Imbolc 2018



Early on Bride’s morn

The serpent shall come from the hole,

I will not molest the serpent,

Nor will the serpent molest me.

~ Celtic Hymn sacred-texts.com


Imbolc, celebrated on February 2nd, marks the midpoint between the Winter Solstice and the Spring Equinox. Imbolc is the harbinger of Spring, a return of the Sun, and a reminder that better times are coming. We begin to see buds on the branches and the sprouting of the first flowers of Spring. Although the ground may still be covered in snow, there is hope for renewal. We all seem to be in need of hope at this time. After a long hibernation through the cold winter months, we anticipate the warmer weather to come. We may feel a quickening within, the urge to purify, to cleanse our home, or to plan our gardens. There is a sense of excitement in the air as we move out of the stagnancy of Winter into the hopeful promise of Spring. Like the animals emerging from their burrows, or the buds appearing on trees, so too is our own winter retreat nearly at an end.

February 2nd also celebrates the Goddess Brigid, the patroness of the forge, healing and birth. Her Sacred Flame re‐ignites our passion for life and stokes the fires of our inspiration. On the eve of Imbolc, also known as Brigid’s Night, we honour the Goddess with sacred bonfires or lighting candles. This is an ideal time to re‐dedicate ourselves to our spiritual path, consecrate our magickal tools in Her name, or practice divination.

So where does the Groundhog fit into all this? North Americans have grown up with tales of Groundhogs predicting the weather on this day. But is there any truth to this peculiar divinatory practice? The Groundhog tradition is simply the latest incarnation of an ancient ritual commemorating the Sun Goddess emerging from Her cave at Winter’s end.  Snakes, a symbol of the Divine Mother, may have been the first to be associated with this emergence. Other animals include Bears, Badgers, and, of course, Groundhogs. Our ancestors were much more in tune with the cycles of nature, paying close attention to animal behaviour, in order to determine the best times for planting, harvesting and herding. Hibernation, migration and breeding occur in sync with the climate, making animals ideal predictors of the changing cycles in nature.  There is much debate as to the origins of using animals as prognosticators of weather in North America, but it does seem to trace back to Europeans who settled in Pennsylvania in the 18th century. The earliest written records of Groundhog divination are dated to 1841.

“Last Tuesday, the 2nd, was Candlemas day; The day on which, according to the Germans, the Groundhog peeps out of his winter quarters and if he sees his shadow he pops back for another six weeks nap, but if the day be cloudy he remains out, as weather is to be moderate.”
‐excerpt from the diary of James Morris of Morgantown, PA

We can view our famous furry forecasters as a modern take on an ancient custom.  Amidst the pageantry, cameras and sound bites, there is something intriguing about the Groundhog, and our behaviour changes based on its predictions. Better still, we can avoid the fuss, and go out into nature ourselves, paying close attention to the animals, birds and trees around us. And know that, all too soon, we will be saying farewell to the bitter cold of Winter and welcoming in the warmth of Spring.


Imbolc Eve Tarot Spread


brigid's cross tarot spread

The First Card: Planting the seed. What is it that you would like to grow in the coming months?

The Second Card: Now that you have planted the seed, what do you need to do to nourish and sustain it?

The Third Card: What do you need to let go of in order to create space for the seedlings to grow?

The Fourth Card: Unexpected obstacles. What might get in the way of growth and what can you do to avoid or minimize damage?



Imbolc Blessings,


The Muse

Dark Moon in Capricorn 2018


The Dark Moon in Capricorn connects us to the development of our personal relationships. The people we choose to surround ourselves with, or those we choose to avoid, can provide us with glimpses into our Shadow side.

Relationships can be challenging. Open and honest communication is vital in order to develop the support we may require on our healing path. Our Shadow may be triggered, leading us to project our fears and unintentionally hurting loved ones. Once we recognize the pattern, we can work with the other person to bring the Shadow into the light and heal past wounds. In this way, we may also take the relationship itself to a deeper level of intimacy.

Involving other people in our Shadow work requires compassion and empathy for everyone involved. Both individuals share in the healing process with sincerity and a deep desire to resolve the conflict without blame or shame. A healthy relationship, built on trust and honest communication,  provides the safe space required for intimate Shadow work.


The Dark Moon is a time for inner reflections, personal journeys and shadow work. What better time to take stock, to face our deepest fears, to meet and embrace our Shadow side. Communing with our dark self may lead to valuable personal insights. As we shine light on our darkness, we come to a place of healing. The Shadow self is the part of us that reacts from a place of unconscious fear. Once those fears are brought into the light, we can begin the process of healing.

Healing the Self Through Others


Seek out someone you love and trust. This person may be able to provide details about your Shadow side that you are not able to access. Be receptive to what is said, even if it makes you uncomfortable. Your loved one is not doing this to intentionally hurt you, when spoken from a place of compassion, what is shared becomes part of the healing process. Note recurring patterns, or situations when the Shadow is triggered. Together, discuss ways in which the Shadow can be acknowledged and accepted, and, when the Shadow rises up in the relationship, you can both confront it in order to attain an even deeper level of healing.


Dark Moon Blessings,


The Muse















Yule 2017


Yule comes from the Norse “iul” and the Anglo-Saxon “hweol”, both meaning “wheel”. It celebrates the completion of another cycle in the Wheel of the Year. The dark half of the year is at an end and we gather together to honour the light’s return.

The Yuletide season begins on the eve of the Winter Solstice, and continues into the New Year. As the sun makes its way back to Earth, and the days become noticeably longer, we experience a sense of rebirth and renewal. Hope is awakened once again, and we celebrate, by gathering with family and friends, and by sharing our joy in this season of giving.

One of the traditional symbols of the season is the Yule Wreath. The circular wreath, having no beginning and no ending, is symbolic of the eternal cycle of life-death-rebirth. Yule wreaths are usually made from evergreen boughs, whose branches remain green throughout the Winter months. They are symbols of immortality and the victory over darkness and challenge.



Yule Wreath Tarot Spread


Yule is an ideal time for introspection, divination and magickal workings, and planning for the future. The Yule Wreath tarot spread follows the twelve-spoked Wheel of the Year, each day marked as one of the twelve days of Yule. The thirteenth card, at the center, represents the coming year. The spread is adapted from June Kaminski’s Sacred Days of Yule Tarot Spread. http://rajunasrefuge.com/yule.html

Beginning on Yule Eve, draw one card from your tarot deck and lay it on the appropriate spoke of the wheel. Reflect on its meaning and make a note of its position in the spread. Once you have completed your Wreath spread, reflect on the overall meaning of the cards, as a whole, and write down your thoughts. Notice any trends that are likely to arise in the coming year.


  1. December 20th – Yule Eve, the longest night of the year and so an ideal time for dreaming. This card sets the intention for the messages we may receive in our dreams this night.


  1. December 21st – At Yule we celebrate Light’s return, and this card shows us how to connect with our own inner light.


  1. December 22nd – This card represents the obstacles we must overcome in order to turn our dreams into reality.


  1. December 23rd –This card teaches us how to nurture our faith and trust in the Universe.


  1. December 24th – This card represents harmony within the family and connection with the Ancestors.


  1. December 25th – This card represents our connection with Spirit.


  1. December 26th – This card represents wealth and prosperity.


  1. December 27th – This card teaches us how to deal with stressful situations.


  1. December 28th – This card shows us our strengths and our skills.


  1. December 29th – This card teaches us how to cultivate trust in our abilities.


  1. December 30th – This card shows us how to reconnect with our Inner Child.


  1. December 31st – This card shows us how to release the old and let in the new.


  1. January 1st – New Beginnings. This card shows us where to focus our energies and intentions in 2018.


Yuletide Blessings,


The Muse

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