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The Veil Thins: Thoughts on Samhain





The Wheel turns at Samhain and our thoughts journey to inner realms. Our focus tends toward death and dying, in harmony with the environment.

Death surrounds us, the wild animals go into hiding, the foliage, a riot of colours but a week ago, have now fallen to earth. The naked branches of the trees play haunting songs, accompanied by the cold north winds.

We may find ourselves remembering our loved ones, feel their presence near. They may come to us in dreams, as a faint whispering in our ear or an aetheric hand upon our shoulder.

I have been thinking a lot about my Dad lately, as the veil between the worlds has thinned.

One of my fondest memories is dancing with my Dad at my sister’s wedding. As we danced, I remember thinking, “this is my Dad and I love him so much”. I was crying by the end of the song and my Dad enveloped me in his arms. I felt safe, I felt loved. I still get weepy and nostalgic when I hear “Unchained Melody” and I think of my Dad. This man who loved me unconditionally.

I will light a candle for my Father tonight and remember him. I believe he would be proud of the Woman his Daughter has become.



The Veil Thins

The veil thins at Samhain and our Ancestors come to call.
We honour the memories of our dearest loved ones
Who have passed on, one and all

With candles lit, in silence we sit
We remember and we praise
As Hekate beckons, we step through the gate
In the Underworld, our loved ones, we face

They’ve much to tell us, if we but listen
Their whispered voices speak
Wisdom and guidance and stories to share
They offer us the advice that we seek

We commune with the dead for as long as we dare
Until it is time we must go
Hekate guides us back to our own world
But we know longer feel deep sorrow

For we know death is not final
Death is not the end
Death is but a transition
We will all go through my friends

The veil thins at Samhain and our Ancestors come to call.
We honour the memories of our dearest loved ones
Who have passed on one and all



Samhain Blessings to you all


The Muse

The Dark Moon in Libra



The Dark Moon in Libra finds us looking inward at the role our thoughts may play in determining our actions. There is often a tendency to get caught up in our thoughts. We may judge ourselves or others harshly, or we may rationalize and justify our actions.

We come to a place of balance when our thoughts live in harmony with our heart. The mind may judge, but the heart takes us to that place of forgiveness.

The compassionate mind is one that steps back to look at the bigger picture, weighing all the available information before making informed decisions.
The compassionate mind prevents us from getting caught in a downward spiral of judgmental negativity.
The compassionate mind allows us to forgive ourselves for the mistakes we have made.
The compassionate mind brings with it personal accountability, without blame or shame.
The compassionate mind remembers that our thoughts are a powerful force.



Journey with the Compassionate Mind


Sit comfortably in a place where you will not be disturbed. Take several full breaths, each breath taking you deeper into yourself.

Visualize yourself at the base of a mountain, as you look up, in the distance, you see a light. You notice a path in front of you which will take you up to the mountain’s peak and to that mysterious light. Although the path may seem long and steep, you find it easy to climb. Up ahead, you see a figure, an old woman holding a lamp. She is Hekate, your guide on this journey.

She beckons you to come closer and you find yourself standing at the edge of an abyss. As you peer into the abyss, you can see words and phrases swirling around in the aether.

Some of the words are big and bold, these are the thoughts you tend to pay the most attention to.¬† Are they critical and self-defeating, full of blame and shame, or are they inspiring and uplifting? How do you feel when you see these words? Remember that words only have the power that you choose to give to them. If you don’t like some of these words, use your breath to blow them away, until they fade into nothingness.

Notice the words that bring you joy, the ones that ignite your passion, or bring a sense of peace. Some of these word may be small or faint, barely perceptible. These are the words that arise from the compassionate mind. Once again, use your breath, but this time, breathe love into your chosen words. Blow them up like balloons and let them float freely in an iridescent array of colours.
You turn towards Hekate, She has Her own words to share with you.

When you are ready, give thanks to Hekate and make your way back down the mountain, and back into your body.


Dark Moon Blessings.


The Muse



Embracing the Dark Self


For many of us, the Dark Self is equated with women’s power, women’s intuition, women’s knowledge. Our inherent gifts have been viewed as evil, they are dismissed as irrelevant, they have led to the persecution of women for millennia.

Women have been taught to fear this power, to keep it hidden, repressed. And because of that, a vital part of our being has been cut away, leaving us emotionally and spiritually wounded. The oppression of women under Patriarchy has led women to deny their own life source, their Heartlight.

I have met my Dark Self, I know Her intimately. She lives within me, hidden away in some small corner of my soul. She frightens me with Her intensity. She is wild and unpredictable, She speaks out while I wish only to cower in the shadows. She exudes rage and sorrow and grief, and no wonder, She has been vilified, minimized and suppressed. I used to see Her as something other than myself, felt¬† embarrassment, shame and guilt when She emerged. She didn’t fit into the good girl image I wanted to portray to the world. I have been Her harshest critic and Her worst enemy. Despite all that, She has taught me more about myself than I ever knew existed. I have come to see Her as the Source of my strength. She is a fundamental part of me, and I am lost without Her.

The Dark Self resides in every woman, but we have forgotten that She exists. If we listen closely we can hear Her calling. She is our inner light, yearning to be free. It is only by embracing the Dark Self that we will find our light. Women have been living incomplete lives. We must become whole again. Only then can we live fully, completely.

Embrace the Dark Self and Shine on Sisters !

In Her Name,

The Muse

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