Embracing the Dark Self


For many of us, the Dark Self is equated with women’s power, women’s intuition, women’s knowledge. Our inherent gifts have been viewed as evil, they are dismissed as irrelevant, they have led to the persecution of women for millennia.

Women have been taught to fear this power, to keep it hidden, repressed. And because of that, a vital part of our being has been cut away, leaving us emotionally and spiritually wounded. The oppression of women under Patriarchy has led women to deny their own life source, their Heartlight.

I have met my Dark Self, I know Her intimately. She lives within me, hidden away in some small corner of my soul. She frightens me with Her intensity. She is wild and unpredictable, She speaks out while I wish only to cower in the shadows. She exudes rage and sorrow and grief, and no wonder, She has been vilified, minimized and suppressed. I used to see Her as something other than myself, felt  embarrassment, shame and guilt when She emerged. She didn’t fit into the good girl image I wanted to portray to the world. I have been Her harshest critic and Her worst enemy. Despite all that, She has taught me more about myself than I ever knew existed. I have come to see Her as the Source of my strength. She is a fundamental part of me, and I am lost without Her.

The Dark Self resides in every woman, but we have forgotten that She exists. If we listen closely we can hear Her calling. She is our inner light, yearning to be free. It is only by embracing the Dark Self that we will find our light. Women have been living incomplete lives. We must become whole again. Only then can we live fully, completely.

Embrace the Dark Self and Shine on Sisters !

In Her Name,

The Muse


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About The Muse

Woman, High Priestess, Goddess. An eclectic Pagan dedicated to restoring the Divine Feminine to Her rightful place in the world. Women are the most powerful resource on the planet. We must rise up, as one, to share our stories, rediscover our gifts. Together, we can create a world where everyone is acknowledged, accepted and respected.

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