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Dark Moon in Scorpio


Dark Moon in Scorpio

The Dark Moon in Scorpio may find us experiencing intense emotions. In fact, our actions may be dictated by how we are feeling. We may seem to be more reactive to situations rather than responsive. Often, we are not aware of why we act the way we do. Many of our emotions have been suppressed, deep within our subconscious.
The Mermaid is a powerful symbol for those willing to immerse themselves into the depths and bring their emotions to the surface. Her siren song calls out to those who are willing to explore hidden realms within. The Mermaid can be called upon to guide those who are willing to die to their old self, those who are willing to delve into their own emotional seas.


Guided journey with the Mermaid


Visualize yourself standing beside a gentle stream. You step in and the Undines join you. You surrender to the current, trusting that it will take you where you need to go. You float on your back, noticing that it is a moonless night and you can see many stars in the dark sky. You feel safe and protected.
As the stream flows into a river, the current grows stronger, cleansing you of emotional debris, as you flow past the mouth of the river, you leave behind a silty deposit of old habits, patterns, fears etc…
You arrive at the ocean and can taste the saltiness that comes from the lifeblood of Mother Earth. You feel the cold water upon your skin and you hear the soft laughter of the Water Elementals.
You hear a song calling you, your song, She is calling you. You see a figure bobbing in the waves, it is the Mermaid. She beckons you to come nearer. As you approach, She dives into to water.
You feel fear; you know that if you follow her, your life will be transformed. Acknowledge the fear; grieve the loss of your former life. When you are ready, if you choose to follow her, dive into the water.
Deeper and deeper you go, down to the ocean floor. You notice a translucent light and swim toward it until you find yourself in a cave. The Mermaid is sitting atop a rock and invites you to do the same. You sit in stillness, within the center of your emotions. You sense your emotions swirling around you, but you are centered and grounded upon the rock. The Mermaid has a message for you. When She is done, thank Her and leave Her a gift.
When you feel it is time to leave, you swim back up to the surface and step out of the water onto a beach. The Moon is rising with the morning sun. The Moon is hidden, but you feel Her presence. You feel the warm sand under your feet. Spend as much time as you need to here, until you feel grounded once more. When you return to your body, drink some water and fully integrate the knowledge of the Mermaid within you.



Dark Moon Blessings,


The Muse

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