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Dark Moon in Sagittarius


The Dark Moon in Sagittarius is a time to sleep and to dream. The long dark nights allow for intense inner work to occur. We may reflect on the things we have manifested this past year, and on what we would like to nurture in the coming year.
This year, the Dark Moon coincides with the Winter Solstice. It is an opportunity to rekindle the flame within, reignite our inner spark and share our Heart Light with the world. We can move from the Darkness that has overwhelmed us and return to a place of light.

Meditation Journey- Inanna’s Descent


This is a journey of self-discovery, to face your Dark Self. You have heard the call and go willingly despite your fears.


Begin by looking honestly at the titles you hold, the roles you have taken on, the roles imposed upon you by others, the beliefs you hold about yourself. Visualize each one as a shining jewel or garment.


Dressed in your regalia, you make your way the entrance of a cave to meet the Gatekeeper. The role of the Gatekeeper is to prevent you from going further. But you are determined, despite your fear, to enter the cave. You state your purpose with certainty, “I come to meet my Dark Self”.


The Gatekeeper lets you pass and you proceed into the cavern. It feels cool and comfortable, you breathe in the rich scent of the earth. It is both a tomb, and a womb. You notice that there are steps leading down into a dark abyss.


There are seven levels leading down in the depths. You pause at each level, looking honestly, but without judgment, at the titles you carry within you, the labels others have placed upon you, words you use to describe yourself, the beliefs you hold about yourself, not enough of this, too much of that etc… honour, and let go of these labels, stripping away more and more of your titles, your beliefs, your jewels, your robes until you arrive, naked, into the realm of Erishkigal. You have reached your destination, the Womb of the Great Mother, the center of your own darkness.
You sit in stillness, an empty vessel waiting to be filled. This is the Underworld,  the Void, it is a place of Death and a place of Unleashed Potential. This is the Womb of the Great Mother, a place of Gestation and Rebirth.


Erishkigal approaches and you see that She is you.  You approach in perfect love and perfect trust. The Dark Goddess is fierce, rage-filled.  It is She who has been dismissed, mocked, denied, suppressed and oppressed. She is angry at being shunned, and She is heartbroken that Her light, Her power, the very core of Her being has been repressed for so long.


Together, you and Erishkigal feel what it is like to be told that you are less than, you rage against the Patriarchal system that has taught you to hate yourself. You grieve for the suffering women have experienced under Patriarchy. You grieve the death of the woman you were, and you grieve for the Dark Self who has finally been heard.


You and the Dark Goddess come together in an embrace. You can feel Her presence within you, bringing the Dark Self into the Light of Consciousness. You and your Dark Self are as one. This is the birth of your new self, an integration of Light and Dark. When you are ready, give thanks and prepare to return to your physical body. You have been reborn, emerging from the Darkness to shine your Light upon the world.



Wishing you peace and joy this Yuletide Season. Solstice Blessings.


the Muse

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