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Dark Moon in Pisces


Dark Moon in Pisces



The Dark Moon in Pisces explores the emotional fluidity of time. How we perceive time often depends on how we feel about the activity we are engaged in. Time can seem interminable, or sped up. We may become unconscious of the time passing, so engrossed are we in our thoughts or feelings.


It is when heart and mind come together, when we are in stillness, that we can fully experience what time truly is. This is the present moment, some have called it timeless, but it is so much more than that. In the present moment, we are outside of time as we usually know it, the detached observer watching time flow around us. We can also alter our focus in order to delve deeply within time. Our senses become heightened, time seems to slow and we are able to detect the smallest changes around us. As we merge with time, everything seems to flow smoothly and effortlessly.


We experience this merging nightly in our dreams, living out hours or days in mere moments. We can teach ourselves to bring that dreamtime experience into waking reality. We do this through meditation, sitting in stillness, opening up our awareness to what is happening around and within us. As we flow within the time stream, we surrender to the currents, trusting that they will take us in the right direction. When all is in flow, everything falls into place.



Meditation on Time


Sit comfortably where you will not be disturbed.
Focus on your breathing, take long deep breaths in and exhale slowly.
With each breath in, focus your awareness deeper and deeper into yourself.
Open your senses to the environment around and within you.
Notice thoughts, feelings, sensations, and then let them go.
See yourself in a circle. You are the calm quiet stillness in the center.
You notice the swirling colours of the time stream flowing around you.
You are outside of time, observing the flow but detached from it.
When you feel comfortable, dive into the time stream, flow with it, notice how it feels to be in time. What thoughts, feelings or images arise for you? How is being within time different from being outside of time? What insights come up for you?
When you are ready, return to the center of your circle, return to serenity and centeredness.
Focus on your breathing and slowly come back to your physical body.


Dark Moon Blessings,



The Muse

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