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Dark Moon in Taurus






Dark Moon in Taurus



The Dark Moon in Taurus celebrates the sacred temple that is our body. The simplest way to do this is to connect with Mother Earth. Walk barefoot, feeling the moist earth between your toes, dig in the garden or build sand castles on the beach. There is a reason children gravitate toward these activities, they have not yet forgotten their true divine nature. When we engage in sacred play, when we bring that childhood awe and wonder to our daily lives, we too can re-connect with our own sacred divinity.

We have a tendency to hold onto emotional situations for a long time and the older we get, the more emotional baggage we carry. Not only does this weigh us down, but it also prevents us from fully feeling our own divine nature. When we release old emotions with a loving heart, we feel lighter and happier. Only then can we be free to nurture the child within us and have some fun.

Meditation to Release Emotional Baggage

Find a safe space, preferably outdoors, a garden or forest, or use a potted plant.

Breathe deeply and feel yourself grounded and centered. Pull your focus into your heart center.

Notice the emotional baggage that seems to be weighing you down, those moments when you wished you should have, would have, could have, the regrets and judgments that still haunt you years later. See those moments transforming into compost.

Dig your hands into the soil and feel the compost of your emotional baggage flowing through your hands and into the earth. All the crap, the rot and ruin you’ve been keeping for so long is released. It can be used to nourish the soil and help the plants to grow. Feel yourself becoming lighter and brighter as you let go in love. When you are ready, give thanks to Mother Earth for accepting your offering.

Take some time for fun activities and let your inner child out to play.



Dark Moon Blessings,
The Muse

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