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Dark Moon in Virgo


The Dark Moon in Virgo finds us in a place of self-possession. We are comfortable with who we are, fully grounded. Heart and mind are integrated, working together to create a wholeness which may have been missing from our lives. We come to this place of self-possession by embracing silence. Sitting in silence allows us to hear the still small voice within, the voice that whispers to us, the voice that sings to our soul.


Silence is about being mentally still and allowing thoughts to come and go. It’s about noticing thoughts but not chasing after them.  Silence means taking a mental step back, observing thoughts, being a witness to them and acknowledging them, without emotional attachment.  In this detached state, you may find yourself more relaxed physically and emotionally as well as mentally. This is the gift of silence.


In order to be in silence, begin by eliminating as much of the background noise as you can. You may notice that as soon as you do this, the mind chatter takes over to fill the void.  Silence can be an uncomfortable place for those who are used to constant noise…from without or within.  When we are able to sit with the discomfort and then move past it, brilliant insights occur.



Dark Moon Blessings,


The Muse

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