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Dark Moon in Libra


Dark Moon in Libra



“You get what you deserve”


We usually hear this phrase in reference to punishment or karma. When we say those words about someone, we are coming from a place of judgement, often accompanied by a sense of self-righteous or malicious glee. The person acted in a way that hurt or offended us, or perhaps disagreed with our belief system. We are just as likely to pass harsh judgement upon ourselves, accepting the unhappy life we have as something we deserve for being a bad person, by feeling unworthy of deserving better.


But what if we look at the phrase from a different perspective? What if we dropped the judgements towards others or ourselves? What if we could look at situations and feel that what we deserve is the best possible outcome for all concerned. What if we believed that we are all deserving of love, joy, compassion and forgiveness? What if getting what we deserve is about living integrally and authentically rather than with fear and judgement.


Maat is the Egyptian Goddess of justice and forgiveness. Upon death, a person’s heart was placed upon the scales and weighed against the feather of Maat. If the heart was found to be lighter than the feather of Maat, it meant that the deceased had led a virtuous and moral life and so she could continue on to the afterlife. To live by a moral code does not mean to follow, without question, the rules of society, nor the rules that govern personal beliefs. It is about living an integral life, doing what is right, in the moment, with compassion and forgiveness.



Feather of Maat ritual


Sit quietly and breathe deeply, letting go of the stresses of the day

Once you feel calm and centered, visualize that you are holding your heart (or any symbol that represents your life)

In front of you are the scales of Maat. Place your heart upon one side of the scale while Maat places Her feather on the other side.

Look honestly at your life, your actions and interactions. Do this from the place of the compassionate heart, not the place of judgment. Notice the times you remained quiet instead of speaking out against injustice, or when you agreed to something even though it didn’t feel right. Notice the moments when you lied, either to yourself or to others. Remember, this is not about judging yourself or your actions; this is about forgiveness and change. We look to the past in order to determine how we can transform our future. If you discover a “heavy heart” being weighed upon the scales, it may be time to make some changes. What can you do to bring your heart back into balance with Maat?


Dark Moon Blessings


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