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Dark Moon in Scorpio


Dark Moon in Scorpio


The Dark Moon in Scorpio connects us to the raw and fearsome power of Nature as She transitions into the dying aspect of Her cycle.  It is also a solemn reminder of our own mortality. We find ourselves outside of our comfort zone, surrounded by death and decay. Colourful leaves drop to the earth to wither and crumble. The final harvests are gathered from our gardens which then lie fallow until Spring. We find ourselves reflecting on those who have passed on.  It is a time of endings, bleak, dark and foreboding.


We tend to be much more comfortable with the light, with what is tangible, controllable and rational; we want definitive answers to our questions. The Dark Moon in Scorpio compels us to look beyond the analytical mind, into the heart of our own shadow self.  We must face our fears head on and rely on our intuitive senses to navigate the dark. At this time of death and dying lies the greatest need to focus on our inner light.


The Dark Moon in Scorpio coincides with Lunar Samhain on November 10th. Although October 31st marks the fixed date of the traditional Sabbat known as Samhain (sah-win), Lunar Samhain occurs on the eve of the New Moon in Scorpio. Often referred to as the Witches’ New Year, when the veil between the worlds is thinnest, it is a time for reflecting on the past and on the Ancestors. It is also a time to look toward the future and to determine which direction our inner work may take during the dark months ahead. Although the focus is on death and dying, the cycle of rebirth is beginning once again.


This makes for an auspicious time to practice magickal workings which involve the Ancestors.  Loved ones who have passed on make their presence known in many different ways: familiar smells or music, or recurring images. These messages are meant to reassure us that our loved ones are always with us. Mirrors can be used as a portal, providing us with an opportunity to look to the past in order to plan for the future. The Dark Moon prepares us for the intuitive and healing work which will begin at the New Moon and continue through the dark months to come.



Dark Moon Scrying


In a darkened room, light one candle and place it near a mirror, in such a way that you can see the mirror but not the candle flame.  Reflect on what type of inner healing you would like to work on in the coming months. When you have a clear idea, repeat it to yourself several times to focus your mind. You may wish to call upon an Ancestor you admire, someone who can assist you in your process. Invite your Ancestor into your sacred space. Ask them for guidance and be open to receiving their wisdom.


Gaze softly into the blackness of the mirror. Allow images to come forward, don’t worry if images don’t make sense at the moment, simply note what comes up. You can ask for further clarification in the coming days if need be. When you feel ready, thank the Ancestors and send them off with love and gratitude.


Some helpful hints while scrying in a mirror: Do not blink more than is necessary, too much blinking breaks concentration. Use a soft gaze, staring too hard can cause eye strain. Do not let your gaze wander from the mirror. If you are experiencing some difficulty, try to visualize the blackness as infinite space and project your gaze several feet into the blackness. Intention is important, if you expect to see images, you will see images.



Dark Moon Blessings



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