Dark Moon in Sagittarius


Dark Moon in Sagittarius


The Dark Moon in Sagittarius connects us to the Wounded Healer within. We all carry the scars of past hurts. Physical, emotional or psychological wounds determine how we perceive the world. We cannot undo the hurts of the past, but we can choose how we will work with these scars in the present in order to create a healthier future for ourselves.


Carl Jung introduced the archetype of the Wounded Healer through the story of Chiron. In the Greek myth, Chiron was a centaur and noted healer and teacher.  He was wounded by a poisoned arrow. Although a physician, he was not able to heal himself. Rather than play the victim and laying blame, he accepted the injury, and the chronic pain that accompanied it, with grace. Chiron’s wounds, in fact, allowed him to become a more compassionate healer and a mentor for others.


Chiron can teach us a lot about suffering and how to transcend it. This is not to say the pain disappears, but rather that we are able to own the pain, accept it with grace and work with it, in order to become more empathetic to the pain and suffering of those around us. Empathy and compassion enable us to become skilled healers and knowledgeable teachers. Through this selfless act of serving others, we may arrive at our own place of self-healing. The scars may remain, but we are no longer suffering alone, nor are we defining ourselves by the wounds we carry.



Meeting the Wounded Healer


Sit quietly with eyes closed and breathe deeply into your being.


Visualize yourself walking along a forest path. You notice that you are holding a small sphere of light in your hands. Think about one particular wound that has deeply impacted your life. This hurt may be physical, mental or emotional. Remain detached from the hurt; note how it affects your life, your relationships. Has it made you less trusting of others? Does it leave you feeling ugly or un-loveable? Do you identify yourself primarily by the suffering you’ve experienced? Place this wound, as well as your thoughts and feelings about it, within the sphere.


As you walk along the path, you notice a light ahead. You come to a cave and step inside. Within you meet Chiron, the Wounded Healer. Although a large and imposing figure, Chiron emanates an aura of gentleness and compassion. You have no fear. You hold out the sphere containing your wounds and present it to Chiron. He accepts your gift with unconditional love. Chiron shares his wisdom with you. It may come to you as a story, a phrase, a word or simply a feeling. He hands back the sphere and you notice that it seems different somehow, lighter and brighter. You accept the sphere, as you accept the wounds it represents, and place it within your heart. You thank Chiron and leave the cave. As you walk along the forest path you notice that you yourself feel lighter and brighter. You have taken the first steps along your healing journey, with Chiron as your guide and mentor.


Dark Moon Blessings


The Muse


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