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Dark Moon in Aquarius




The Dark Moon in Aquarius connects us to the dedication to our life’s work and a commitment to our passions. We may have a tendency to pursue altruistic ideals, but we need to keep in mind that these ideals must match our personal convictions. All too often, we commit to a cause half-heartedly, to please others, or because we feel coerced. A half-hearted commitment which compromises our ideals can lead to pent-up resentment or unconscious sabotage of projects.

We fail in our endeavours most often not for lack of trying, but because the endeavours we pursue are not in alignment with our soul. When we are engaging in activities that we love, there is little or no effort. When we are doing what we love, when pursuits match our ideals, we feel energised rather than depleted. We are determined to succeed and will make every effort, effortlessly, to do our very best.

Lunar Imbolc takes place at this time, on February 8, 2016. Lunar Imbolc is a time of renewal and re-dedication to our personal causes and passions. If anything does not feel in alignment with our highest good, this is an excellent opportunity to make changes.

February 8th also marks the Lunar New Year. As we enter the year of the Fire Monkey, we may find excitement and enthusiasm fuelling our passions. Although this exuberance may assist us initially in jump-starting our pursuits, we need to be cautious. Doing too much too soon can lead to an early burnout, resentment and inevitable failure. Instead, we can tap into the Fire Monkey energy available, to ignite the spark without burning down the entire forest.


Ritual of Dedication and Commitment


As you sit in stillness, think about where you energy is currently being directed.

Make two columns on a piece of paper. On one side, list activities that you love, that energize you, the causes that nourish your soul. In the second column write down the activities that tend to be draining, that cause resentment or deplete your energies. Focus on the emotional language, how these pursuits feel when you think about them.

Out of the list of activities which nourish your passions, pick one to commit to. Make it simple, do-able and realistic. Although you may be all fired up to make a huge commitment, think into the future. Will you feel the same way in a week? In a month? In 6 months? If it truly ignites your soul, it will be effortless. If there is hesitation or it seems conditional, rethink the activity. This activity is a reflection of your life’s work, the reason you exist.

Write down your commitment and post it somewhere visible, where you will see it every day or share it with friends. When we put our passions “out there”, when we dedicate ourselves fully and completely to that which nourishes our soul, the Universe will conspire to assist us.


Dark Moon Blessings,


The Muse







Imbolc is the harbinger of Spring, a return of the Sun, and a reminder that better times are coming. We begin to see buds on the branches and the sprouting of the first flowers of Spring.  Although the ground may still be covered in snow, there is hope for renewal. We all seem to be in need of hope at this time. After a long hibernation through the cold winter months, we anticipate the warmer weather  to come. We may feel a quickening within, the urge to purify, to cleanse our home, or to plan our gardens. There is a sense of excitement in the air as we move out of the stagnancy of Winter into the hopeful promise of Spring.


Imbolc is a celebration of women, who gather together to honour the Maiden aspect of Goddess embodied by Brighid. To honour the Goddess, light white candles, invoking Brighid’s Flame. Whatever needs to get fired up in your life, call on Brighid and let Her Sacred Flame ignite your desires.


Connecting with Brighid’s Sacred Flame


Items needed :

White candle to represent Brighid

White candle to represent your intent


Sit with the two white candles in front of you.

Light Brighid’s candle, asking for Her guidance.

Close your eyes and visualize yourself surrounded by the cold and the snow.

Draw your awareness below the snow, past the ice and frost.

Take yourself deeper into the earth, notice the ground slowly melting around you.

You feel a quickening, the earth is awakening below the frozen surface.


You find yourself drawn to the warmth of a fire ahead.

You have arrived at Brighid’s Cauldron, where Her Sacred Flame resides.

As you look into the flames, think on what needs to be re-ignited in your life.

Set your intent as you look into the flame, perhaps it is for purification, or to add passion to your life, a spark of creativity or maybe for protection.

When you have a clear idea of what your intent is, light the second white candle, using the flame from Brighid’s candle.  Sit with your intent for as long as you need to.

Whenever you feel a need to re-ignite your passion, light the white candles and call on Brighid to share Her Sacred Flame.


Imbolc Blessings from the Muse


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