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Ostara – Season of Openings

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Ostara celebrates renewal as well as new beginnings.  The subtle quickening we felt at Imbolc is starting to manifest into reality. The hopes and dreams we nurtured through the dark winter months are now bursting forth in a vibrant display of colour, scent and song.


The rebirth that is occurring in Nature calls out to us. We feel compelled to spend more time outdoors, reconnecting with the awakening world around us. Take some time today to be in Nature, hike through a forest, walk in a local park, or simply lie in your back yard. Notice the green buds and colourful flowers, smell the freshness of new grass, listen to the bird songs and the humming of insects. Mother Nature is proudly showing off the delights She has created.


The wonders of this burgeoning life can provide profound inspiration for us as we focus on personal renewal. This is the time of year to begin new endeavours or to revitalize old ones. We can renew our thoughts, our dreams and aspirations, our relationships.


Bless seeds under the sun or rain, and empower them with your intent (personal development, growth, peace etc…).  Visualize implanting the seeds with those qualities you wish to see grow and blossom within yourself in the coming weeks and months. Place these seeds in your garden or in a pot indoors and nurture them with loving kindness.


You may choose instead to colour and empower Ostara eggs. Not only are they a symbol of fertility and rebirth, they represent the Cosmic Egg of the Divine Mother, the primordial Void from which all of creation is birthed.


When decorating eggs, use corresponding colours to enhance your spellwork (green for healing, blue for serenity etc… ). Draw personally meaningful symbols on the eggs to solidify your intent (clarity, healing, personal growth etc…). Eat the eggs with mindful awareness, knowing that you are taking into yourself the qualities you have invested into the eggs.


Ostara and Spring Equinox Blessings


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