Beltane fire and dancer


Gather Round the Maypole Friends

Twist and Turn and Back Again

Dancing, Laughing, Joyful Glee

Now pair off lovers, Secretly


In Love’s embrace

The Goddess Grace

The May Queen and Consort Lay

Entangled Limbs on this Sweet Day


Gather Round the Maypole Friends

Twist and Turn and Back Again

The Lovers Rest in Quiet Heaps

In Autumn Bountiful Harvest Reaps


All acts of love and pleasure are Her rituals and there is no better time to honour the sensual nature of Goddess than at Beltane.


On Beltane eve, treat yourself like the Goddess you are. Take a long luxurious bath in scented water and anoint yourself with scented oils. Crown yourself with flowers and don your most precious jewellery. Wear colourful clothes, items that make you feel beautiful and regal. Indulge yourself with favourite foods.


Honour your sexual choices, view love-making as a spiritual practice. Recall the times when sex was magical, when you felt alluring or when you fell in love (with another person, or with yourself). Celebrate sex as a sacred activity and explore the depths of your sensuality. Light the fires of passion this evening and honour the Goddess within by sending Her to the heights of sexual delight.


Greet the dawn on May 1st and bathe in the morning dew. Feel the refreshing coolness caress your skin. As the fiery passion abates, offer a prayer of gratitude.


Beltane Blessings,


The Muse


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About The Muse

Woman, High Priestess, Goddess. An eclectic Pagan dedicated to restoring the Divine Feminine to Her rightful place in the world. Women are the most powerful resource on the planet. We must rise up, as one, to share our stories, rediscover our gifts. Together, we can create a world where everyone is acknowledged, accepted and respected.

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  1. elementhealing says :

    Thank you for this post. I totally space the days, no idea it was Beltane!

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