Dark Moon in Taurus



The Dark Moon in Taurus connects us to our sense of groundedness. To be grounded is to be in our bodies, fully and completely. Many of us dislike being fully present in our bodies, this solid, weighty mass we all too often despise and harshly judge.

We tend to forget that our bodies are an integral part of our connection to the natural world. To be grounded is to understand that everything is connected, everything is part of the whole.

We all come from a sacred source, our Mother’s womb, and so we should treat our bodies as the sacred vessels they truly are. That means using our bodies as nature intended, to feel and express emotions, to engage in acts of pleasure, to indulge without guilt. But also to tend to our bodies, to nurture and care for them, to love and respect these sacred temples.

To be in the present moment is to be fully and completely into our bodies, that is, to be fully integrated, mentally, physically and emotionally. Presence includes being aware of the sensual world around us as well as our relationship to it. It’s about being authentic and expressing that authenticity through our body language.



Self-Blessing Ritual adapted from Z Budapest


Complete this ritual after bathing, when you are cleansed and refreshed. Focus on being right here, right now, in love with who you are, this precious temple that is your body.

You may wish to altar the words or bless body parts other than those mentioned. Those areas we like the least are usually the areas that need the most love and attention.

Using your fingertips, gently touch each body part listed below and say aloud the accompanying words.


Top of Head: “Bless me Mother, for I am your child.”

Third Eye (middle of forehead, between your brows): “Bless my Eyes, that I may see Your truth.”

Throat: “Bless my Voice, that I may speak Your truth.”

Heart: “Bless my Heart, that I may recognize Your truth.”

Solar Plexus: “Bless my Energy Center that I may be a conduit for Your truth.”

Womb: “Bless my Womb, that I may create from Your truth.”

Vagina/Labia: “Bless my Yoni that I may be rooted in Your truth.”

Hands: “Bless my Hands, that they may always do Your work.”

Feet: “Bless my Feet, that they may always walk on Your path.”

And, then, back to the top of your head: “Bless me Mother, for I am your child, I am a part of You.”



Dark Moon Blessings


The Muse








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