Introduction to the Labyrinth-part 4

snow labyrinth


How to Create a Personal Labyrinth


Labyrinths continue to gain acceptance as a valuable tool for healing, meditation and personal growth. They are found adjacent to hospitals and churches, they  are being constructed in local parks and backyards, and are even used in schools. Virtual Labyrinths provide respite on the computer, and there are even Labyrinth apps for smartphones. As more and more people familiarize themselves with Labyrinths, they are able to reconnect to the Divine Feminine that embodies this sacred spiral.


Walking prefabricated Labyrinths is easy to do, but you may want to create your own Labyrinth and make it more personally meaningful. Exploring the concept of Sacred Geometry and drawing Labyrinths by hand, will allow you to gain greater insights into these ancient symbols and develop a deeper appreciation of the Labyrinth.


Sacred Geometry




Sacred geometry is the art of studying archetypal patterns and proportions in Nature and applying that knowledge to create meaningful structures. Many people may not know or understand sacred geometry, but they certainly recognize or resonate with the pattern.


One example of sacred geometry is the Golden Ratio (Phi) pictured above. We recognize this spiral shape in the form sea shells, unfurling plants and the Universe itself, ever spiralling as it expands outward. As the spiral unwinds, stored energy is released.

spiral shell

The Labyrinth is created using Sacred Geometry. The center of the Labyrinth acts as a vortex, surrounded by swirling energies. Walking the Labyrinth builds on these subtle energies and unleashes them. The walker becomes part of the sacred pattern as her energy field is woven into the Labyrinth’s.


Sacred geometry, however, does not have to involve complex mathematical equations. Geomancer, Sig Lonegren suggests that people learn how to create their own Labyrinth. This involves both the analytical left brain and the intuitive right brain. As you practice drawing the Labyrinth, an amazing thing happens. You stop thinking about the next step, your hand knows exactly what to do. Not only are you engaging the whole brain, but the mind-body connection as well. When this knowing (or as Lonegren prefers “gnowing” ) occurs, you have reached the place where geometry becomes sacred.


The best way to achieve this gnowing is to practice, practice, practice. The more you practice, the more ingrained the pattern becomes. You gain a deeper awareness, expanding your knowledge of Labyrinths, but you also become more aware of how it feels intuitively. We learn by doing, and even more important, the act of doing can make the learning personally meaningful.


Practice learning how to draw a labyrinth using the seed patterns provided. Start with the simple 3-circuit labyrinth before moving on to the more complex 7- circuit. You may discover that, initially, the left brain is doing most of the work, guiding the hand, figuring out where the dots and lines connect.

seed pattern

As you are drawing, pay attention to how your body feels. Keep drawing until it feels comfortable and natural. At some point, you will notice that you don’t have to think about it any more, your hand knows exactly what to do. This is gnowing. This is sacred geometry in action, and, as the creator, you are a vital part of the equation.



As you become more adept, you can move on from drawings on paper to working with other materials. Creating Labyrinths can be a form of Sacred Play, let your inner child out and have some fun! Labyrinths can be made from just about any type of materials, clay, play doh, stones, beads, yarn, fabrics. If you’re at the beach, you can easily draw one in the sand or build one in the snow.  You can use crayons, paints or even make a collage and include meaningful images or affirmations. You are only as limited as your imagination!







Artress, Lauren     Walking a Sacred Path

Artress, Lauren     The Sacred Path Companion

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Seed pattern courtesy of Mid-Atlantic Geomancy


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