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Dark Moon in Gemini



The Dark Moon in Gemini connects us to the compassionate mind, uniting the heart and intellect.  Problems arise when the heart and mind are out of balance. The compassionate mind takes us out of duality and into a place of wholeness.


Many of us have been taught to ignore or dismiss our emotions, rational thought is encouraged and even the preferred form of communication. We may speak our truth, or be blunt and to the point, but without empathy, our words can seem like a judgement, our words can hurt others. Even if those words come from a place of loving intent, if the heart is not involved in the process, the words are not likely to be accepted by others.


It can also be unhealthy to act predominantly from a place of emotions, reacting rather than taking a moment to think things through. Our reactions can wound just as easily, and when the mind is not taken into account, through reflection, healing cannot occur. Learn to deliver words with compassion, not only to prevent hurting others, but so that you can speak in a way that can be heard by others.



Creating your compassionate mind



Sit quietly, taking slow deep breaths

Visualize seeing yourself as others do, note your facial expressions, notice how you move through the world, how you speak to others and how others relate to you.

Now draw your attention inward and imagine an ideal of yourself at your most compassionate. What words would you use to describe this state? Generosity, commitment, authentic, an open heart and open mind? What do those qualities look like, what do they feel like?

What are your motivations for acting with compassion? Is it reciprocity, to get something in return, perhaps you have feelings of guilt, a need to please or perhaps a sense of superiority, that you know someone better then they know themselves? Be honest with yourself. Once you are aware of the motivations, you can let them go and act from a place of unconditional love.

Think about what compassion means to you. How can you manifest this desire to help others? How would you speak? What do your facial expressions, tone of voice and body language express?

Take that feeling of compassion and bring it down to your Second Chakra. When grounded deep into our being, compassion can be expressed with authenticity and confidence. Think about how you would speak, act or express in a kind yet confident and assertive manner.

Reflect on your life experiences, you have a lot of wisdom to share with others. This does not mean you are telling others what they should be doing, thinking or feeling. Sharing stories is a way for both of you to gain personal insights, and strengthen bonds. Being compassionate and wise is also about knowing when to speak and when to be the silent witness.

Reflect on the words you use to describe compassion. Think about what you can do to embody each quality. What would generosity or commitment look like? How would it feel?


The more you practice experiencing the compassionate mind, the easier you will find it to express these qualities in daily life.


Dark Moon Blessings,


The Muse

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