Mabon 2016



Mabon celebrates the Autumnal Equinox, although it is often considered to be a time of balance, Mabon also marks the transition into the season of death.


Mabon is the second of three harvest festivals, the first being Lammas (August 1) and culminating in the third festival at Samhain (October 31).


People are busy gathering from fruit trees and gardens, canning and freezing, preserving their bounty for the coming months. But we will also leave some of our harvest behind, to lie fallow. In the act of dying, their remains will form a rich compost that will nourish our gardens in the Spring.


We can do the same for the inner garden of our visionary mind. The seeds we first planted at Winter Solstice, which germinated in the Spring, manifested this summer. But at Mabon, it is time to harvest the memories of dreams fulfilled, even as we mourn the loss of what did not come to pass. We often tend to be more focused on what did not grow rather than celebrating our successes. Not all that we plant will be fruitful,  some of our dreams will get left behind, transforming into compost for next year’s harvest.


Think on the things you wanted to do but did not get the opportunity, for whatever reason, this Summer. Select one event you were looking forward to that did not occur. Without judgment, consider the reasons why it didn’t happen. Perhaps you were too busy, too tired, too overwhelmed, or the timing wasn’t right. Feel the disappointment, mourn the loss, then allow those emotions to lie fallow. Let them go, to break down into compost which will feed the seeds of future dreams and goals.



Mabon Blessings,


The Muse



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About The Muse

Woman, High Priestess, Goddess. An eclectic Pagan dedicated to restoring the Divine Feminine to Her rightful place in the world. Women are the most powerful resource on the planet. We must rise up, as one, to share our stories, rediscover our gifts. Together, we can create a world where everyone is acknowledged, accepted and respected.

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