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Dark Moon in Scorpio



The Dark Moon in Scorpio connects us to our mortality. The last of the fruit and vegetables have ripened and are now stored away, the seeds set aside for Spring planting. The bright colours of Autumn leaves signal their death knell, and soon they are borne away on the cold and bitter winds. Left behind are the naked branches, skeletal limbs reaching up to the skies. It is a time of death and decay, and it is no surprise that our thoughts may gravitate toward sorrow and loss, for this is the beginning of the dark half of the year.  It is not surprising that many cultures pay their respects to the ancestors and departed family members at this time of year.

The Dark Moon in Scorpio coincides with Lunar Samhain. Although primarily a festival of darkness and death, it also marks a new beginning. This is the Witch’s New Year and though we may look on the past with regret and sorrow, we know that the Wheel continues to turn, and fresh opportunities for growth and transformation are imminent.

Ritual feasts to honour the dead often occur in the form of a Dumb Supper. A place at the table is reserved for the departed and the meal is eaten in silence. The quiet environment provides an opportunity for sombre reflection, cherishing memories or even to converse with the dead about unresolved issues.



Dumb Supper Ritual

Leave a lit candle in your window or place a lit jack-o-lantern on your doorstep to serve as a beacon, welcoming the spirits of loved ones home. Set a clear intention about who you will allow to enter your space. Protect your home from unwanted “guests” by visualizing it surrounded by white light.

Set an empty place at your table and eat your meal in silence, reflecting on those who have passed on. If you have any unresolved conflicts, this is an opportunity to “talk” them out. Remember that you are not doing this for the deceased, you are doing it to bring peace to your own heart.

When you have finished the meal, give thanks to the spirits and bury the remains of their meal outdoors, preferably at a crossroads. Take comfort in the knowledge that Hekate, the guardian of the crossroads will guide them safely across the veil.


Dark Moon and Samhain Blessings


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