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Dark Moon in Sag 2016



The Dark Moon in Sagittarius connects us to our inner traveller. Who needs to journey far and wide when there is something quite spectacular and mystical within us, the visionary mind. Our mind is like the TARDIS, it’s bigger on the inside.

There are no limitations with the visionary mind, nothing is too outlandish and everything is possible. The visionary mind can take us to hidden realms far beyond mundane reality. Not only is there uncharted territory for you to explore, there is territory that hasn’t even been created yet. You are both the designer of your inner world and the map maker. You create the landscape, you design the pathways, and you determine where the danger zones are (although in my opinion, some of those places we want to avoid can provide the juiciest experiences). You are in complete control over your hidden realms and that is incredibly empowering.

Take a mental trip inward and explore the vast unknown of your own consciousness.


Creating a Personal Guided Journey Within


Most inner journeys have a set pattern to them.

The Journey Begins: visualize a staircase leading up or down, a path or road. It is designed to slowly bring your focus within, each step taking you deeper and deeper into a meditative state. The rational mind sets out in complete control, but with each step, you move further away from it.

The Gateway: ┬áthis can be an actual gate, a door, a mirror, a body of water etc…it is a threshold, a demarcation between the mundane reality of the imagination and the visionary reality of the subconscious.

The Inner Realms: this is where the visionary mind takes over. It may be filled with symbolism, non-rational or unexpected events. The visionary mind is similar to the world of dreams, but you are always, always in control.

The Encounter: this could be with deity, angels, guides, your self… It is an opportunity for dialogue, to ask questions, seek guidance, problem-solve…

The Integration : the path back out allows you to integrate the information you’ve received and to slowly bring you back into your body.


Keep a journal nearby to take notes of symbols, questions. Don’t try to understand or process the experience immediately, insights may rise up in coming days.

Ground yourself fully by drinking water or eating.


Dark Moon Blessings,


The Muse

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