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Dark Moon in Aquarius 2017



The Dark Moon in Aquarius connects us to our intellectual and social development. When we work with the compassionate mind, we can dedicate our altruism to further the causes we are passionate about. This may be especially vital in the current political climate, where fundamental human rights are being stripped from us with the stroke of a pen. But we must not give up or give in. Fearless action will bring about the changes we seek.


This Dark Moon coincides with the Lunar New Year. As we enter the year of the Fire Rooster, we can expect conflict, controversy and challenge. Forewarned is forearmed. Those in positions of authority may strut their power like the cock of the walk, but remember that we, the people, have access to our own power. Our power does not come from domination, threat or intimidation. Our power comes from the heart, inclusive, compassionate and loving. We validate our emotions, we own our anger, without blaming and shaming others.


Be prepared to take on any challenge that comes along. Adopt a cause that is close to your heart and do everything you can to further that cause, for the betterment of the entire planet. Engage in subversive acts, grassroots activism, peaceful protests, share stories, seek out the truth and call out the lies. Our anger will not be silenced and we will wake up the neighbours with our call to action.


Dark Moon Blessings


The Muse



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