Blessed Ostara


Ostara is a time of celebration, it marks the onset of Spring and the promise of warmer days to come. Birds have returned from their long migration, harbingers of the season, building nests and laying eggs. The eggs are a promise of hope and we emulate the birds by weaving baskets and dyeing eggs.

The egg symbolizes renewal, the golden yolk representing the Sun God, embraced and protected by the white shell that is the Goddess. She nourishes the God, until his rebirth at Beltane. What better way to honour the Goddesses of Spring.


Ostara Egg ritual


Cleanse and prepare the ritual space (ie. kitchen).

Gather your supplies: pot for boiling water, eggs, tongs, sharpies, templates or leaves, pieces of nylon stocking (to hold these in place), vinegar if using natural dyes (Visit the link provided for instructions on how to create natural dyes.

Think about the attributes you’d like to bring into your life. Perhaps you wish to be more creative? improved health? need an energy boost? Using a sharpie, write these qualities onto your eggs, embellish with sigils, runes, or images to imbue the eggs with the desired properties. Hold each egg in your hands and visualize the desired traits entering it.

Empower your eggs by dyeing them in colours associated with your aspirations. Yellow to symbolize the God, Violet to symbolize the Goddess, Red for passion, Green for prosperity, Orange for self-expression, Brown for stability or grounding, Rust for strength, Blue for protection, Pink for self-love etc…

Once you have completed the dyeing process, refrigerate the eggs until you are ready to eat them. As you eat, know that you are taking into your being the attributes you have infused into each egg.


Ostara Blessings


The Muse





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