Beltane 2017

Beltane, May 1st, is a celebration of spirit, of rebirth and renewal. It is a time to honour the life spark that resides within us all and put it on display. The seeds that we have planted within our soul and nurtured through the winter are now ready to manifest. We present to the world a kaleidoscope of colours, as varied and beautiful as flowers in bloom.

Green is the predominant colour of Beltane, representing growth, abundance, and fertility. But, in truth, all colours play a part, reflected in the rainbow that appears after a rainfall, the floral displays we see at every turn, and emerging from our opening chakras. White brings cleansing and peace, red nourishes vibrancy, yellow represents the life force and happiness, pink is a reminder to love ourselves, blues and purples symbolize expansion and magick. Beltane is rich with vibrant colour, bringing joy to the soul and nourishment to the spirit.

At Beltane, we honour Goddess as Virgin in the true sense of the word, “She Who is Whole Unto Herself”. When we feel whole, we are no longer reliant on other people’s opinions of us. We stand secure and confident in the knowledge that we are beautiful, created in Her image. Create rituals honouring the wondrous woman you are. Perform self-blessings, be naked in front of a mirror, without judgment, and love the Temple where Goddess lives. Know and trust that you are whole unto yourself, a Goddess in your own right. Explore your body, your lover, your life, in a sensuous and sexual way. The Virgin is fearless, let Her guide you to glorious heights. For “The Charge” states …”all acts of love and pleasure are Her rituals”.

Beltane Blessings
The Muse


About The Muse

Woman, High Priestess, Goddess. An eclectic Pagan dedicated to restoring the Divine Feminine to Her rightful place in the world. Women are the most powerful resource on the planet. We must rise up, as one, to share our stories, rediscover our gifts. Together, we can create a world where everyone is acknowledged, accepted and respected.

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