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Dark Moon in Cancer


The Dark Moon in Cancer connects us with our sense of hearth and home and the domestic stability we feel around loved ones. Family is about the people we choose to surround ourselves with. The people we are fiercely loyal to, the people we would drop everything for, the people we offer unconditional love and support to, the people we can be honest and open with. We would do anything to protect our family, while at the same time, we allow our own vulnerabilities to show through.


Our first and foremost relationship, the one that is more meaningful than any other, is the relationship we have with ourselves. Do we offer ourselves the same kind of fierce loyalty and protection, or love and support? Do we allow ourselves to be vulnerable by being honest with ourselves, or do we tend toward distraction and denial? The Dark Moon in Cancer reflects a balance of strength and vulnerability. The hard shell on the outside protects the delicate parts within.


Visualize yourself as a crab, the outer shell represents your boundaries, while the soft inner parts are your vulnerabilities.


Describe your shell, what does it feel like, hard as stone, fragile, broken? Does your shell feel different when you are alone or when you are with different people, family, friends?

Describe your vulnerabilities, what is within you that you love and support? What parts do you protect fiercely? Are you able to look honestly at the more fragile aspects of yourself? Are there parts you want to keep hidden, even from yourself?

What would you change inwardly or outwardly if you could?



Dark Moon Blessings,


The Muse


Litha 2017


Litha, meaning gentle (as in gentle breezes), marks the Summer Solstice, when the power of the Sun God is greatest. Hang a golden or yellow disc, representing the sun, outside to catch the sun’s rays. Create a wreath of yellow flowers to honour the Sun.


At Litha, we honour the transformation of the Maiden into Mother, fertile and ripe with abundance. The Earth is teeming with life, growth and potential. Celebrate this season with action. Manifest into reality the ideas you’ve dreamt about through the dark months. Create rituals that fire your passion and enhance creativity. Plants gathered on this night are said to have exceptional healing properties.


Although often referred to as the longest day, Litha is, in fact, the time of the longest twilight. This magickal time between day and night opens a gateway to the realm of the Fae.  Fairies are spiritual beings who are always all around us, and their favourite places are in nature. In order to see them, we have to be willing to open our minds to the possibility that they are ever-present everywhere on Mother Earth. Once we open our minds and hearts, we may begin to see evidence of these magickal beings. Traditionally fairies were left pails of milk, cream, butter, cakes, and even wine. Spend time outdoors this evening, leave them a gift, and, if you are patient, you may catch a glimpse of the Dance of the Fae.


Solstice Blessings,


The Muse

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