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Lammas, celebrated on August 1,  comes from the Saxon hlaef-mass (loaf-mass) and marks the first wheat harvest of the year. Grain, planted in the spring has been empowered by the sun and is now ready for gathering. The cycle of life is renewed as seed collected in the harvest is stored away for planting in the spring.

These days, many of us may feel disconnected from this natural cycle of life-death-rebirth. We’ve traded in quality for convenience, our daily bread awaits us, already baked and wrapped in plastic, sitting on the shelf at the local supermarket. Agriculture has become big business, complete with mass-production, pesticides and genetically-modified single-use seeds.

Lammas is a reminder that we are all in this together. Our lives are entwined with Mother Nature. We honour the Goddess and the abundance of nature by planting organic gardens or buying from local farmers. Living a more sustainable life is healthy not only for us, but for the planet as well.

Lammas is an opportunity to come back into alignment with nature. We do this through conscious living and making choices that will benefit Mother Earth. And, in return, She will provide the sustenance and nurturing we require to continue living a life of abundance and joy.


Lammas Blessings


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