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Dark Moon in Aquarius 2018



The Dark Moon in Aquarius connects us to the unseen helpers who guide us on our path. This is a time to explore that which is normally hidden from our consciousness, whether intentionally or not. When delving into Shadow, it helps to have someone by our side, and our guides are here, waiting for us to call on them.

At this time of year, life is burgeoning, unseen, beneath a blanket of snow. We trust that growth is occurring, even though it remains hidden from view.  So too is growth happening within each of us, and we can know and trust that emergence is immanent.

As this trust grows, we also become aware of the unseen forces, the guides, Goddesses, or spirits whose sole purpose is to assist us on our journey. Their presence may be subtle, initially,  but as connection grows and strengthens, so too does their commitment to us.


The Dark Moon is a time for inner reflections, personal journeys and shadow work. What better time to take stock, to face our deepest fears, to meet and embrace our Shadow side. Communing with our dark self may lead to valuable personal insights. As we shine light on our darkness, we come to a place of healing. The Shadow self is the part of us that reacts from a place of unconscious fear. Once those fears are brought into the light, we can begin the process of healing.


Meeting the Hidden Helpers


Cast your Circle.

Take several deep, slow breaths and let go of the events of the day.

When you feel grounded and centered, close your eyes.

Visualize yourself walking through a field covered with snow. As you walk, you hear a faint gurgling sound.

Your follow the sound until you come across a small brook, the ice melt feeding the trickling flow of water.

As you bend down, you notice sprigs of green emerging from the soil. Despite the cold bleak landscape around you, in this tiny oasis, life is once again teeming.

You cup your hands and take a drink of the cold, refreshing water. Looking up, you see that someone has arrived,  your guide on this journey into Shadow.

You feel warmth and love emanating from this person. They smile and you feel completely safe and reassured.

As you walk, side by side, your guide shares her wisdom with you. You can ask any questions that come to mind, for she is here to assist you on your journey.

As you continue walking together, you notice that the brook is growing wider, the flow stronger. The ice and snow is melting, clearing from your path. You see more and more plant life growing from the rich dark earth, and, eventually,  you can see colourful spring flowers emerging.

Soon you are walking through a field of wildflowers. It is time to say goodbye to your guide,  at least for a short while. She will always be here, awaiting you in this field of blossoms, whenever you are in need of guidance.

You ask her for some parting words or a symbol, and offer her a gift in return.

Ahead, you see a gate and walk toward it. Once through the gate, you come back into your body.


Dark Moon Blessings,


The Muse

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