Dark Moon in Aries 2018


The Dark Moon in Aries connects us to our own sense of Divinity. When we embody Goddess within, we walk boldly through life, with confidence and clarity. The fiery passion burning within us lights the path, and we are more than willing to take a risk and follow our heart.

To be headstrong and heartstrong may seem like arrogance to others. We demand respect, but we must be ever mindful that those around us are also Divine and worthy of our respect in turn.

Becoming clear on who we are, acknowledging both our strengths and our faults, brings us closer to that sense of divinity. By embracing light and dark, we feel whole unto ourselves, and we proudly state “I am Goddess!”


The Dark Moon is a time for inner reflections, personal journeys and shadow work. What better time to take stock, to face our deepest fears, to meet and embrace our Shadow side. Communing with our dark self may lead to valuable personal insights. As we shine light on our darkness, we come to a place of healing. The Shadow self is the part of us that reacts from a place of unconscious fear. Once those fears are brought into the light, we can begin the process of healing.


Ritual to Meet Your Dark Goddess


Cast your circle.

Breathe deeply and let go of the day.

Close your eyes, visualize yourself floating above the earth, the night air is cool and refreshing.

As you look down, you notice a field, spring flowers poking up through the snow. You gently land and begin walking toward a dark frost-limned forest. At the forest’s edge lies a small creek. You drink the cold water, feeling it cleanse and purify you. You continue following the path into the dark forest.

Though you can only see a few feet ahead of you, you feel safe and comfortable. You notice the trees around you seem to be old, twisted and gnarled, the chill wind blowing through their naked branches. The branches block the starlight so that you can barely make out the path, but you have no fear, trusting that your footsteps know the way.

Ahead you see an old cottage, light and warmth emanating from the windows. You sense that someone is within, awaiting your arrival.

You knock on the door and it immediately opens. As you enter, you note that the cottage appears to be empty. You close the door and walk toward the hearth, feeling warmth replace the chill in your body.

As you look around, you notice someone sitting in a dark corner. She  invites you to sit, you introduce yourself and ask Her if she has any information to share about Shadow Work.

Ask for Her name. Notice what She is wearing, what She looks like, any items She is holding. What information does She wish to share with you. Ask Her what aspect of your shadow self She is here to represent.

Spend as much time as you need with the Dark Goddess, then, when the conversation is over, give thanks. Ask Her for a symbol that you can work with, or that you can use in order to reconnect with Her again.

Leave the cottage, closing the door behind you, and return to the path.

As you walk, notice if there are any changes to the landscape, perhaps the path is much clearer now, or the forest may not seem quite so dark.

Return to the forest’s edge, cross the stream, and slowly come back to your body.

Write down or draw the symbol given to you. Pay attention in the coming days. This symbol may come to you in dreams or in waking life. When you notice it, know and trust that the Dark Goddess is near, supporting you and guiding you.


Dark Moon Blessings


The Muse



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About The Muse

Woman, High Priestess, Goddess. An eclectic Pagan dedicated to restoring the Divine Feminine to Her rightful place in the world. Women are the most powerful resource on the planet. We must rise up, as one, to share our stories, rediscover our gifts. Together, we can create a world where everyone is acknowledged, accepted and respected.

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