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Dark Moon in Scorpio 2018


The Dark Moon in Scorpio connects us to those intense emotions that are hidden within the depths of our unconsciousness. These emotions may be triggered by the events around us, a simple word or phrase, or may even arise, unexpectedly, into our memories. The shadow side of these emotions can lead to reactions that may seem over the top, more forceful or intense than the situation requires. But this does not mean they are wrong, only that they have been hidden for so long, that they have built up until, suddenly, a tsunami of intense emotions overwhelms us.

But it is this intensity, when brought to the surface and acknowledged, that can lead to profound transformation. It is from the depths of emotions that our power comes to the forefront. We can ride the waves, and let them take us safely home. There can be danger involved when we choose to open the floodgates. It can be humbling, perhaps even frightening, to feel so much raw power emanating from us. Some believe that once the emotional torrent is unleashed, it can no longer be contained. But this is precisely what we want to occur. Why would we want to dam up these dark feelings once again, and allow them to wreak havoc.

We can set an intent to release these dark emotions in a way that creates the least amount of chaos in our lives, and in the lives of those around us. We do this by acknowledging and honouring them. This is how we empower ourselves and learn to respond to situations rather than react.


The Dark Moon is a time for inner reflections, personal journeys and shadow work. What better time to take stock, to face our deepest fears, to meet and embrace our Shadow side. Communing with our dark self may lead to valuable personal insights. As we shine light on our darkness, we come to a place of healing. The Shadow self is the part of us that reacts from a place of unconscious fear. Once those fears are brought into the light, we can begin the process of healing.


Shadow Work – Transmuting Emotions

Water represents our deepest emotions as well as being a symbol of self-reflection. It can act as a mirror into our true selves.

Visualize a cauldron filled with clear, clean water, resting upon a fire. the water represents your emotional state, the surface may appear to be still initially, but as you look into the water, you notice a stirring, just beneath the surface.

Passionate intent, symbolized by the fire, is what brings these emotions up to the surface. As the water boils, it creates steam, a form of release.

One thing we must never do is place a lid on a boiling pot of water. Attempting to contain it may lead to an intense and potentially dangerous  outburst, so too when we try to contain our emotions rather than expressing them. Acknowledge the emotions as they  come up, allow them to build into a roiling mass, and then, allow them to be released into the Ether. You can aid the release by gently blowing the steam/emotions away from you.


Dark Moon Blessings,


The Muse


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